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Hasegawa Cutting Lifter

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Lifting up cutting boards from a cooking table for sanitation and better standing position.

The price is for 1 piece not a set.

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Cutting Board Lifter

made in japan

Lifting up cutting boards from a cooking table for sanitation and better standing position.

Cutting Board LIFTER are tools that lift cutting boards up from a cooking table by putting underneath the cutting boards. It is very hygienic for cutting boards not to have direct contact to a cooking table.

It also comes with few different heights to cater ergonomic comforts. Furthermore, the elevated position of cutting boards enables better efficiency to delicate cuttings. The wet-proof grip mats are mounted to hold cutting boards in place.

  • Designed to wash easily.
  • Designed to grip on a cooking table even in wet.

According to the length of cutting boards, required numbers of LIFTERs varies as shown below. Please measure the length of your cutting board, and confirm the correct number of pieces.

  Length of Cutting Board
mm (inch)
Number of Pieces
HASEGAWA's Cutting Board
(Wood-Core Structure)
300 - 800   ( 12 - 34 ) 2 pcs  
900 - 1500   ( 35 - 60 ) 3 pcs
Other Company’s Cutting Board
(Solid Plastic)
300 - 600   ( 12 - 24 ) 2 pcs The numbers of pieces are referential. 
They vary by the thickness or material.
700 - 1100   ( 25 - 44 ) 3 pcs
1200 - 1500   ( 45 - 60 ) 4 pcs

#1 in the world

Hasegawa wooden core cutting boards and accessories are considered best in the world and are used by the most renowned Sushi Chef’s.

Used by top Sushi Chefs around the globe.
Official chosen brand of World Sushi Cup Japan.

Hasegawa is known for amazing commercial grade kitchen wares targeted mostly for Sushi Chef’s.

Production of the cutting boards started in 1992 (the company was established in 1955).

In Japan, Hasegawa’s kitchen wares are highly valued for their benefits on sanitary management among restaurants, catering services, hotels and food factories. We believe our safe and secure kitchen wares do help kitchen works all over the world!

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