Hitohira Kikuchiyo Manzo Blue #2 Yanagiba 270mm Ho Wood Handle (Saya)

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Yanagiba forged by Kikuchiyo blacksmith and sharpened by Manzo. Made from great Yasuki Blue (Aogami) #2 carbon steel type blade. Length of the blade is  270 mm, with ho wood octagonal japanese style handle. Perfectly balanced with beautiful hamon line. Amazing knife for great sushi chef.

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Blacksmith: Kikuchiyo 菊千代
Producing Area
: Sakai-Osaka/ Japan
Profile: Yanagiba
Size: 270mm
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Steel: Yasuki Blue (Aogami) #2, Soft Iron Clad
Handle: Ho Wood & Buffalo Horn Ferrule Octagonal
Total Length: 416mm
Edge Length: 262mm
Handle to Tip Length: 274mm
Blade Height: 33mm
Thickness: 3.6mm
Handle Length: 140mm
Weight: 181g
Hand Orientation: Right-Handed
Comes with Saya

Made by  Kikuchiyo Blacksmith

In the early 2000s, Kikuchiyo was invited by master craftsman of Sakai to join them as a blacksmith. The art of blacksmithing is physical, the rough working environment of fire and iron takes a toll on the body and many of the masters’ abilities begin to wane in their forties and fifties. As Kikuchiyo started earlier in life, he has gained most of the knowledge and skill of fine forging and quenching, before his physical abilities deteriorate.

Kikuchiyo proactively experimented with new steels not generally used by Sakai’s blacksmith, steels such as stainless. His experience and skill have made his Ginsan (Silver 3) knives popular among Japanese cuisine chef’s, many stating “If you use Kikuchiyo’s Ginsan once, you will never replace it”.

Kikuchiyo is also known for fine Honyaki quenching, beautiful Hamon and the correct hardness and gumminess are only achievable by experienced masters achieving the correct temperature. His Honyaki is supported by many of Sakai’s sharpeners and finishers, professionals who know what makes a good kitchen knife.

When Kikuchiyo joined as a blacksmith, he dreamed of success and becoming a great man. He continues to develop his skills as a craftsman, modelling each of his knives on the image of his master’s forge

Sharpened by Manzo

Manzo sharpener is a successor of Mr. Hakui who mastered his technic. Manzo’s sharpening technic is identical of Hakui’s sharpening, consistent Ura and Flat Kireha. One of the best Urasuki technic there is with affordable price.

Why this part is so important for a single bevel knife?
For Hira or Kireha, you can fix it by yourself with sharpening because most of these part is soft steel, but Ura is 80% of hard steel and it is very difficult in the process of making single bevel knife. There are only few sharpeners who can fix Ura with a higher level. Which means if Ura is bad when you buy a knife, it is bad till the end unless if you find good sharpener to fix it.
The feeling of “Sharp” comes from sharpness or thickness of edge but also “consistent” edge thickness, you can imagine the weird feeling if there is a thicker point in the middle of the knife, not only beauty point, this is really important for ease of use.

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Hand Orientation

Right Handed



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Kikuchiyo 菊千代


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