Sharpening & Repair

We specialize in servicing kitchen cutlery and an array of bladed tools. If you have something that needs sharpening that’s outside our usual services, please contact us, to see if we can accomdate your needs.


  1. Wrap your CLEAN knives (we will not process dirty ones) carefully. Each one needs to be wrapped individually.
  2. Submit the form that is available here. Print out the confirmation email and include it with your parcel.
  3. Send us the knives by a carrier or drop them off in one of our partner locations (you can see all information on this page).
  4. Our staff will contact you once we have received your knives (before we start to work on it) to inform you of the service and shipping fee.
  5. A return shipping fee will be added to any knives we send back to you. All knives are guaranteed to be sharpened within 7 days not including shipping time.
  6. Once the knives have been sharpened/repaired, we will contact you by phone or e-mail to let you know that they are ready to be shipped back.
  7. After payment for the service you will receive an email confirmation and invoice with the UPS/DPD/DHL tracking information. 

Questions & Answers

Price list

Double bevel 1 € / cm
Single bevel1,5 € / cm
Wide bevel1,5 € / cm
Serrated blades1,5 € / cm
Tip repairsFrom 1,5 €
Re-profiling/chip removal From 3 €
Rust removalFrom 3 €
Thinning (Japanese Knives only)From 3 €

We are also offering sharpening and repairs of scissors, mandolin blades, pocket knives as well as handle replacement and refitting.