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Hasegawa Makisu

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The best makisu ever that are super hygenic and less likely to stick to rice! Color is random (green / blue).

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Sushi Roll Mat

made in japan

The best makisu ever that are super hygenic and less likely to stick to rice!

This is a revolutionary makisu that it produced without the use of neither the traditional bamboo nor cotton strings but advanced plastic and monofilaments.

Best features:

  • Does not generate splinters or black mold, like the those conventional bamboo ones.
  • The monofilaments that deter contamination are used for the binding strings.
  • Embossed surfaces – rice is less likely to stick to it.
  • Easy to dry, so it can be used soon after washing.
  • Easy to roll, as conventional bamboo ones.
  • Dishwasher safe, bleach safe.

#1 in the world

Hasegawa wooden core cutting boards and accessories are considered best in the world and are used by the most renowned Sushi Chef’s.

Used by top Sushi Chefs around the globe.
Official chosen brand of World Sushi Cup Japan.

Hasegawa is known for amazing commercial grade kitchen wares targeted mostly for Sushi Chef’s.

Production of the cutting boards started in 1992 (the company was established in 1955).

In Japan, Hasegawa’s kitchen wares are highly valued for their benefits on sanitary management among restaurants, catering services, hotels and food factories. We believe our safe and secure kitchen wares do help kitchen works all over the world!

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